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This is me, Lara Dorman.

Welcome to my blog!  I am excited you are here.  I am Lara and I love to travel, especially with my family (and I am glad they love to travel!)  I am the lucky wife of Deb, who is a fun-loving, intelligent, entrepreneur woman who fortunately puts up with my obsessive travel planning antics!  We have 2 young children ages 6 & 8 that clearly have inherited the travel bug (thankfully that seems to be a dominate gene)…they love to help plan, pack and dream about our next adventure.  Together as a family we love to explore anything and everything.  Whether it’s traversing the local trails out our backyard in Missoula, Montana, packing up our 5th wheel to find the perfect camping spot or exploring a far-away city.  We love to get OUT and go!  🙂  Being a same-sex family has not stopped us from exploring any destinations yet; although we are aware that not everyone approves of our family lifestyle and the kids really are oblivious to discrimination (they are out and proud and don’t even realize the significance). However, we, the parents are acutely aware that it exists.  That is the primary reason for this blog….I spend hours and hours …(and more hours…) researching destinations and hotels and activities and food and of course figuring which credit cards to use to maximize points.  I scour reviews, read hotel-tips and any other pertinent (and a LOT of not so pertinent information) prior to any trip.  It is important for us to feel secure as a family unit and to have the most amount of fun as humanely possible when we travel.  Over the years I have become loyal to certain hotel chains as not only are they gay friendly but  ..(drum roll)   CLEAN! Consistently clean.  I mentioned I am obsessed about traveling but even more obsessed about clean hotels…especially with kids.  Nothing can ruin a hotel stay more quickly than walking into a dirty hotel room.  The thought just gives me chills…. Ahhh…I digress.  Fortunately, as a family we have not experienced any damaging discrimination.  Maybe a little look here or a raised eyebrow there; nothing we can’t ignore.  We use common sense …we aren’t overtly demonstrative in public and just try to keep our senses open.  Most people we have encountered during our travels have been friendly and welcoming and several have become quite good friends.  Nothing like kids to break any awkward barrier…they just jump into a friendship like I jump into my morning coffee.

Travel is expensive… and we love to travel and we love to travel comfortably.  How is it possible to couple those two passions?  The Big 3:  POINTS, MILES, and CREATIVITY.  By using miles, points and creativity I can effectively turn a vacation that would cost a fortune into one that is quite affordable.


The Dorman-Poteet family exploring Rome in the summer of 2014.

So travelling as a same sex couple with 2 young kids is really fun and easy.  Now that we have learned some tricks along the way, I am excited to share them with you!


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