Hello! My name is Isaac. I am glad you are reading our travel blog. My family enjoys traveling and writing about our experiences. Even though I have been to about 25 countries, I don’t have a favorite. Each one has been exciting in its own way. For instance, I remember Paris because I lost my first tooth there. I love Thailand because I got to help bathe rescued elephants. In Africa, we went on safari’s and learned about the different plants and animals. I love history, especially WWII history. So, it was very interesting to visit Normandy with my grandpa. We recently returned from Vietnam and Cambodia. I learned I really like to eat pho! Its a popular noodle dish in Vietnam. In Cambodia, we rode bikes around Angkor Wat, but it was nice to return to the hotel and swim in the pool!

I can’t wait for our next family adventure. I hope you like our travel blog. Thank you for reading! 

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