¡Hola! Ni hao! Hallo! Xin chao! My name is Isabelle. I am in middle school at an international school in Missoula, MT. I have been traveling all of my life and love it! Thanks to my moms!

I love being able to try new things and see new cultures. One activity I enjoy while traveling is catching lizards so I can study them. My moms get nervous when I do that, but I love to study them. I have traveled to nearly 25 countries and my favorite place so far is Thailand. I say tis because we were there during Christmas. The resort we stayed at picked me to help with their children’s Christmas program. I got to be an elf along with the employees that worked in the children’s center. They taught me a couple dances that we performed on the beach for the Christmas program. The program started when Santa and all the elves rode jet ski’s to land on the beach and surprise the guests. All of the children staying at the resort received Christmas presents from Santa. It was such a fun and memorable day! The only downside to this was it was so hot and my elf dress was made out of velvet and was itchy. 

I hope you enjoy our travel blog. We love to share our travels and experiences with our readers. 

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